Keeping a changelong

I never use to keep a changelog for my projects, until I started to get more involved in making more complex projects for my own use. I will now not create a project without one, as it allows me to keep track of the project and its changes. So why should you create a changelog?

What is a changelog?

A changelog is a file which contains a curated, chronologically ordered list of notable changes for each version of a project.

Why keep a changelog?

To make it easier for users and contributors to see precisely what notable changes have been made between each release (or version) of the project.

How do I make a good changelog?

Guiding Principles

  • Changelogs are for humans, not machines.

  • There should be an entry for every single version.

  • The same types of changes should be grouped.

  • Versions and sections should be linkable.

  • The latest version comes first.

  • The release date of each version is displayed.

  • Mention whether you follow Semantic Versioning.

  • Types of changes

  • Use ISO Standard for dates.

  • Added for new features.

  • Changed for changes in existing functionality.

  • Deprecated for soon-to-be removed features.

  • Removed for now removed features.

  • Fixed for any bug fixes.

  • Security in case of vulnerabilities.

You can read more about keeping a changelog at which is run by Olivier Lacan

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