A new journey into modern webdev

I am typing this currently unemployed. COVID-19 hasn't been the kindest of things for me and my partner, it's turned our life kinda upside down. Things are getting better but the job market sucks right now.

Therefore I am going back to basics to solidify my skill set. Web development for me is currently only a hobby, this site shows that. I want to make it a full-time career though, at 35 I have it in my head that it's going to be hard. I suffer from imposter syndrome a lot and feel I currently don't have what it takes to become a junior frontend dev.

So from today (Thursday 18th June), I am going to take myself on a journey through Udemy, and going through JS, React, Node and GraphQL. I built this site using a Youtube tutorial by Andrew Mead on Gatsby who I found to be a great teacher, I am going through his courses which are:

  1. The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp
  2. The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux)
  3. The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)
  4. The Modern GraphQL Bootcamp (with Node.js and Apollo)

During these courses, I will continue to keep my TIL repo updated with new learnings. I will also more than likely write some posts on my experiences also.

I hope by the time I have finished these courses, I will have the skillset to become a web developer.

Watch this space.

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